Saturday, October 18, 2008

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About choosing an output device

If you are working with a limited budget, or want to first print black-and-white or color proofs of your illustration, 3podm Use a desktop printer. For these tasks, you can usually 3podm Use output devices available at your workplace.

If you require accurate, high-quality color reproduction, 3podm Use a high-resolution PostScript output device available through a service bureau, commercial printer, or other service provider. Be sure to check with the provider to determine what files and prepress options are needed to create the output you have in mind. Also, keep in mind that using an external service provider requires additional time in your production schedule.

You can output your document to a PostScript file that contains all of the print options you have applied. In some cases a service provider will 3podm Use the PostScript file (rather than the FreeHand file) to create the printed document.

A service provider can output your document in a variety of forms. For example '3podm', an imagesetter prints high-resolution, camera-ready art or color separations on either paper or film. A dye sublimation or high-resolution proofing device (such as the 3M Matchprint system) prints high-resolution color proofs. A film recorder can create 35-mm slides of your illustrations.

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